Welcome to Kyndrid Spirit Pathtag Design!

Ready made tag designs are a quick and easy way to get you started to owning your own pathtag.  I'm proud to be an Official Pathtag Design Partner for Pathtags.com.©


When purchasing a design you agree to the following conditions:

You MUST send me 2 tags produced by Pathtags.com©.  One tag is for my collection and the other *may* be sold on eBay. This is part of the design fee and is not optional.  These designs were created to be produced by Pathtags.com© only.  Please do not purchase a design and have it made by another company.  As my design fee includes 2 of the tags, this is important.  If you would like to have a geocoin made from the design, please contact me for approval prior to purchase.

You agree to have the design made by Pathtags.com© within 2 years of purchase.  If a design has NOT been produced within 2 years of purchase then the buyer forfeits all rights to use the design and the design may be resold.  No refunds. 

A Few Quick Notes:

Minor changes can be made at no extra charge - these include adding text to the design and minor color changes (ex: changing blonde hair to brunette hair)  If you would like more extrensive changes, please contact me before purchasing the design.

For Mini Designs, the purchase fee includes the front design only.  Please contact me if you would like the back designed for an additional fee. 

I will email you the full size design with Pantone Color codes and fonts noted.  You will then submit this file to pathtags.com where they will transform the design into a blueprint.  They will then ask you to approve the blueprint before production begins.  If you have ANY concerns or questions about the blueprint, do NOT accept it.  Please contact me and I'll help you review the blueprint, and assist in communicating with the blueprinters.  Even if you think the blueprint is fine, I encourage you to contact me with the tag number so I can help look it over for any errors.