One of the most important aspects of designing a tag is color.  Most monitors show colors differently.  And the colors you see on the monitor will be brighter than what is on the actual tag.  To solve those problems, I use PMS colors.  PMS stands for Pantone Matching System.  Each color is represented by a numbered code so the factory knows exactly what color I want them to use.  

I use a color calibrated monitor and a physical color guide to ensure the color are right.  And all designs will have the color codes clearly marked for the factory.

Depending on your monitor, it may be difficult for you to judge the colors without these tools.  If you are concerned about a color, I recommend stopping by your local print shop and asking to see their Pantone Formula Guide - Solid Coated.  Most shops are happy to share this information and you can see the colors as they will appear on your tag.

Also note that the metal plating color effects the enamel color.  What looks great on black metal might not look so good on silver.  So if you choose to use a different metal color than what is shown on the design, please check with me to see if color changes are needed.

The factory restricts us to just 10 colors, so unfortunately we can't always use as many colors as we would like.